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Turn and Face the Strange: The Soundtrack

As I  mentioned I might post earlier, here is the succinct playlist to Turn and Face the Strange--useful for catching some of the broader influences and easter eggs, especially, as I said, if you don't sport an encyclopedic knowledge of Bowie. Obviously the songs quoted at the beginnings of the chapters are good stuff too, but that's more mood lighting--these songs are the settings and characters. If you want to give Turn and Face the Strange a read, I reccomend giving the playlist a listen! It's only about an hour long, and you'll spend longer than that reading this silly book. XD

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Here it is. The last chapter. The big finish went a little farther than I originally intended it to, but I won't pretend it wasn't extremely cathartic. DIE, ANGSTY DYSTOPIA WITH A RIDICULOUSLY COMPLEX AND SYMBOLIC LAYOUT! DIE!


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Turn and Face the Strange, Chapter Fifteen

Lol this chapter is so disturbed. At this point I was at the eleventh hour, running on fumes and gallons of Dr Pepper. Every time I hit a scene that I KNEW, I dragged it out to the maximum word count. Thus, the longest death scene in the entire novel--two and a half pages from first stroke of violence to last wheeze. Wow. Good job, me. The whole flow-of-twisted-consciousness thing definitely needs to be addressed in the revision... as well as the logistics of the actual death. Johnny must have some long arms.


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Turn and Face the Strange, Chapter Fourteen

If the order of events in the next couple chapters seem a bit scrambled, it's because I completely lost track of the timeline a couple chapters back and it finally started kicking in. Still very fond of the Earthling. I almost wish I could have used him more--his dialogue is so much fun to write.



Turn and Face the Strange, Chapter Thirteen

This was the chapter where I suddenly loved Johnny as a character instead of as a sitar-playing plot device. Also, how screwed up is Joe? Very screwed up.

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Turn and Face the Strange, Chapter Twelve

Poor Bevan. I loved him again just in time to say goodbye. :(

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Turn and Face the Strange, Chapter Eleven

Oh noez, Bevan is in trouble.

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Turn and Face the Strange, Chapter Ten

As I was writing the last Bevan chapter I hated him. Writing this one, I loved him again. I'm pretty sure by next chapter I hated him again. :I

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Turn and Face the Strange, Chapter Nine

Gosh I hated writing this chapter. Kissyface is frustrating and boring and takes a more careful hand than what I could spare for NaNo. It's one of the shortest chapters I've written--there was more I wanted to say with this chapter, but I pretty much gave up and moved on.


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Turn and Face the Strange, Chapter Eight

Left off posting this at the end of November, but for those wondering, I did indeed win. Just barely. And I actually have someone sweet enough to give me a preliminary read! XD So I'm going ahead and posting this, chapter by chapter for greater reading ease. It needs, of course, vast rewriting, but if you feel like giving me some broad-strokes feedback, feel free!


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Day 21
Ansley C.

My NaNovel

David Bowie, one of the premier musical figures of the 20th century, has spun, with his songs, many a bizarre and fascinating world, populated with many more fascinating people. In Turn and Face the Strange, their stories are brought together and brought to life.

There is hardened and twisted Casus, a member of the Diamond Dogs gang led by Halloween Jack; little Wonder, his young lover and dependent, broken, addicted, and half insane; Ramona, femme fatale and lady from another grinning soul, with a bigger stake and a deadlier role than she lets on; and Bevan, adoring devotee of Ramona, who cannot help but be her puppet despite having washed his hands of trying to turn the world long ago.

That world is a battered and chaotic one, a run-down urban nightmare where government is a dubious myth and law is dispensed only by Halloween Jack and his rival, the White Duke. Into such a dark scene come the Wild-Eyed Boy and the Genie. They are barely noticed figures, sliding just beneath the skin of the outer turmoil, but their struggle, much older than this black dystopia, is coming to a head. Innocence and corruption, truth and deceit clash. A broken world is breaking. No one will be untouched.


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